Know The Neighborhood

Nick Chargin will provide you with information that will give you the knowledge/comfort that you are making the right choices.  You will receive a book put together specifically for your needs.  Weather your are buying, selling or relocating, Nick Chargin, will be able to give you all the neighbor hood facts.  He can even compare your old neighborhood to your new one.  Nick Chargin knows that an informed decision is a smart one.

Curious about a new prospective neighborhood? Want to compare home prices?

Example pages of the report as follows:

6map1.GIF (7559 bytes) 6map2.GIF (2685 bytes)
Area map showing properties
sold with in the last year


The neighborhood's
average income level.


6map3.GIF (2839 bytes) 6map4.GIF (2628 bytes)
The neighborhood's employment
The neighborhood's
education level

Other key information given in this custom report:

  • Various Area Maps of your choice
  • Each Area Report will show information on schools, churches, parks, climate, crime rate and points of interest.
  • Area Snapshot will also include Neighborhood facts which include average area income, age, household characteristics, adult education level, employment figure.
  • You may also match your criteria to that of another neighborhood to find a perfect "area fit".

General Report information:

  • City, county, and state facts - detailed information for the same criteria listed above, but for the whole encompassing city.
  • School facts - general information, enrollment, ratios, finance, listing of private & public schools.


N.K.C. Real Estate can email you information on homes for sale in the
following counties:
Santa Clara San Mateo Santa Cruz Monterey San Benito

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